Designed from the new epistemological conceptions (who they have overcome the false dichotomies of organic and inorganic Nature and Culture, of the human and the inhuman), science of nature and the human sciences have appeared different interdisciplinary work (with contributions of physics, biology, anthropology, psychology, ethology, philosophy, and ecology) that come together in a new discipline called bioanthropology.
It is a new evolutionary conception of man that focuses on the principle of unity, which contains in itself the principle of diversity, thus overcomes the trap that moved from the pole of a psychological Rationalism uncompromising about life, a SUPERNATURAL anthropologism, irremediably insularity for man, since it divided the animal substrate that supports. Since these new openings bioanthropological, human nature is understood and conceived from 3 Ideas cardinal lines:
1) The idea of ​​self-organization and evolutionary essential feature of life (Maturana, Varela).
2) the logic of complexity to be structured by the laws of syntropy (Fantappié. Dubbed by other authors with the term sinentropía).
3) the idea of ​​intercommunication and the constant interaction between different biological structures and substructures.
From these three cardinal lines bioanthropology articulates the biological and anthropological, placing the key of culture in our nature and the keystone of our nature in culture. In this new approach the search for human thresholds is not limited to archaic societies, but delves into multiple “births” from the roots of humanization to the threshold of contemporary evolution. not see the man with the common denominator “Homo Sapiens” which it took into account the features of being unidirectional technical and rational, but it is seen as the successor of whom he had already developed tools and culture, as they were transmitted by his predecessors and “Homo Sapiens” It was only complejizándolas.
Bioanthropology sees man as a creation that brought the universe magic, the myth, logos; but at the same time disorder and immoderation. A follower enriched as creator, on the unfinished road to humanization, that if you have a profound originality, It is to be endowed with an animal without reason, a “Homo Sapiens” while one “Homo Demens” (E.Muren. “Paradigm Lost”).

From the evolutionary process of role theory is called and the period from the magic phase Identity Matrix (Ver) and the mythical phase of the Family Matrix (Ver). This stage has the function to demarcate clearly, the margins separating the fantasies and desires of concrete reality surrounding. Here begins the complexity of perceptual atom Child. the dyadic relationship with the mother breaks more strongly as the father figure begins to have a different weight and power, establishing a triadic Triangularity with new forms of antagonisms and deuteragonismos; Children primary structure (preyo) passing a secondary child structure (protoyo). What it was once an evanescent experience of something different than it is now a concrete and stable evidence. The child leaves the magical world of linked, governed by the laws of similarity and contagion to a new way of being, that while still would remain biological are governed by a new system simbólicomítico.

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