Does 30 years I returned to Buenos Aires from the Moreno Institute, Beacon, New York, with the first diploma awarded by a South American Psychodramatist Moreno.

He was very young at the time and could not even have a clear dimension of what that would mean in my life – and why not – in the psychodrama movement…

It is not my intention in this communication make a long story; we know in the psychodrama movement in general is being given a movement grouping which is expressed in different ways; I only want to remember our history.

Let's go back a year 70, I arrived in Buenos Aires and my almost certain that he returned with something very special, I was having drunk sources. I do not want here to refer to old stories intergroup, but only tell my story I began to form psychodramatists as I had trained me.

As I said before, I was very young and it was not easy to open a new path in a psychoanalytical world par excellence, or maybe I had enough strength. At that time Moreno was born Institute, Released J.L. Moreno, under my direction, for the first time in Bs. As.

He did a beautiful job training and among us are working psychodramatists that formed it and have broken new ground and / or institutions.

Because reasons – I think basically personal – or by not knowing how to fight at that time, the Institute continued to work not, but I continued training psychodramatists individually until, with a group of different trends,fundamos EPSIDRA, that first he brought to Zerka Moreno to Buenos Aires.

Then, Carlos Mennegazzo and Monica Zuretti (they founded?) The Buenos Aires Institute, which it ran until 85, when he was organizing the First International Psychodrama. The Institute was closed that year with a group and continue with the Center for Psychodrama and Sociodrama, that since 1992 named Center Sociodrama Zerka Moreno and Psychodrama, with express permission from Zerka Moreno to call his name.

At some point in my life I wondered why I had not been around me or me a homogeneous and unique structure. At that time I hurt so it would not have been. Then I understood that the first way to multiply of living beings is the division, the partenogénesis. US, as a group, as a living and growing network in effort to multiply, we use it, or sometimes another way to grow. Who formed me as psychodramatists, during training, They could have at all times with different trainers, as Zerka Moreno, Shirley Barclay, Marcia Karp, Gretl Leutz,Giovanni Boria, or include hours of study at other institutes. With many are still working together and many others – many would say – They have died and armed their own way. If anything, I am proud of is that I think each and every one of those who were in contact with this story, that formed me or those who work or have worked, It has been developed from freedom, with great respect and deploying your own style.

Thirty years later, I wonder if I have done in transfer to others that which he had received. I can say yes, even when I was wrong many times as humans we're wrong; but also in what I was sure I was received errors.

After this long introduction, I would simply say that over the years we have, beyond a technique, a philosophy of life that we share and that this network shows:

  • Do not use the power and performance for the coordination of groups
  • The openly share knowledge
  • Social commitment
  • The inclusion of a cosmic dimension in our task
  • Care of those who share the road with us
  • The recognition of our influence in the own pain and alien
  • A commitment to personal healing work, group, social and cosmic
  • The form a group that is basically a continent matrix of its members

This has been a long and important work that has brought us the time to build on that network that are already: an structure (flexible and constantly moving) with a recognized identity!

monica firm

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