It thus is called a configuration sociométrica, which is evident in the sociogram when several members of a group are related by mutuals, (see mutuals) and plotted as a chain of individual links, linked one by one, without any significant relationship with the other members of the group.

(Ver Audiencia).

It is called thus to the first stage of each session psychodrama, and any other dramatic procedure (sociodrama, juegos del rol, etc.). They are synonyms: preheating, starting and / or warming up. In psychodrama is the high instance of the session, that makes possible the emergence of the protagonist. Are your substeps: non-specific and specific warm warming. The unspecific warming starts with the beginning of each session and ends when the protagonist has emerged. In this first substep can be displayed clearly different times: 1) initial cold. 2) Presentation of personal problems. 3) Interaction. 4) Emergent common group. 5) Election of the protagonist. The specific warm-up begins when the protagonist emerges and articulates the session with the second stage of the psychodrama session in which dramatizes (See stage dramatization). In this second substep of heating can also be displayed different times: 6) Redistribution (View redistribution). 7) dramatic contract (Ver contrato dramático). 8) dramatic preparation (See dramatic preparation). 9) Preparatory investment roles with an element of the scene to dramatize.

Any of the members of the treatment group and the group itself as a whole, can be warming agents. Any instrument of psychodrama can be used as a warming agent. They may well be agents of heating: a) the group (warming centered group); b) They are encouraging the group one of its members; c) one of the members encouraging other; d) one of the members proposing protagonist; e) director; f) a yoauxiliar; g) stimulation empty stage, etc.

There may be different ways to start a session of psychodrama: 1) In the forms group focused on the warming it can be arranged from verbal interactions, gestural or postural of the group by association chain or cluster. Other times the group is divided into subgroups course of interaction that will not melt then one whole group, in which case it shall be the task of coordinator. 2) In the form of start-up directed, the process can be initiated by certain slogans director, by certain properties thereof or any other member of the group. A start-up can also, It is made from an issue that affects the entire group.

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