It is necessary to differentiate the heating process of heating stage. The warming process never stops in the individual and continues between sessions running parallel with the psychodrama elaborative process. When Moreno describes the birth and takes it as archetypical model for his method he says that the launch of a real process for the child to be born is necessary. Only if it is given may be started all prepradores childbirth and the act of birth can happen. This implementation of various confluences is a true display of spontaneity factors Moreno insists that the heating process is always manifested, expression throughout the body, whenever a human being strives towards an act, and that this occurs as described in the model. All heating process, accurate Moreno, It has a somatic expression, a psychic expression and social expression. Somatic expression of the processes of warming is evident in the focal areas or areas (see areas) that function as a physical initiators all commissioning (eg. bocapezón area link for the warming of ingeridor role in the child). A heating process unfolding, It can be overridden by a heating process another role, if this second heating process has reached a higher degree and thus compromising achieved in its broader tempering the previous. From these observations Moreno operating modes developed and systematized therapeutic psychodrama techniques. These original research on warming processes were defined and distinguishing non-specific warming, the specific warm and warming to the role, as we know them today.

They are modalities of implementation of the group effected from stimuli introduced by the director. Por ejemplo: a) by previous activities (to play, comer, chill out, express corporately, etc.; b) by slogans that stimulate sensory perceptions; c) by the action of some other instrument (the yoauxiliar); d) by the use of intermediate objects; e) by verbal techniques; f) by techniques interaction nonverbal; g) through the use of meaningful silence; h) using the expression used verbally; i) using techniques such as double, mirror, or caricature, etc.

Ver: Technical investment ROL.

Psychodrama procedure used in the exaggeration of the mirror technique is implemented (View mirror technique). In this procedure the yoauxiliar can maximize exaggeration in gesture, movement, conduct or expression of the protagonist who is copying, reaching the grotesque, which may result in that character feeling ridiculous that promotes behavioral evidence, gestures, etc. that might otherwise go unnoticed. The cartoon more than any other procedure in Psychodrama, It is a very risky maneuver as it can be experienced as a manipulative tactic (see procedure). However, in some special occasions can be effective, especially when it is working in highly pathological levels of warming.

In the year 1922 Moreno begins in Vienna what he called “teatro de la espontaneidad”. He was the director and had several actors. The activity consisted of improvised scenes suggested by the public or by the actors themselves. There were different costumes and masks and the public could participate in each of the situations. One of the actresses named Ana Hallering, known in the psychodrama group name “Barbarian”. Had, as it described clearly Moreno, an extraordinary talent to play roles naive and romantic heroine. This was what was known about it until George, her husband, Moreno tells that the house, when alone, He speaks very brutal language and if he gets angry reaches the blows of fists. Knowing this Moreno proposes to Barbara that as she always works extraordinarily these roles, people would want to see in situations that express the most vulgar and primitive human nature, Barbara accepts the proposal. He proposes the role of prostitute and a co-worker to the role of murderer, since the news had come that in the underworld of Vienna was a murderer who was assaulted and killed young. the situation improvises, a street, coffee and chased her out man, which results in a violent argument. Barbara begins to blaspheme, takes the man punched and kicked in the legs; el “killer” pulls out a utility knife, it is about making a detour to avoid outbursts of it. Barbara feels fear; And it is “imaginatively killed”. After the scene the alleged victim “shows joy”, relax, She embraces her husband and removed from the place”. From these actions in the dramatic setting, according to George's comments, in real life it begins to diminish in intensity attacks of violence, that become increasingly more sporadic as she was playing these roles on stage. The first symptom of transformation, according to the story of George, It coincided with a couple Brawl, among which Barbara off the attack, It was a stunned moment, and he began to laugh at herself. From this experience, Moreno understood the transformative power of improvisations and their therapeutic value. From here emerges the psychodrama research.

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