See passive Catharsis

(View active Catharsis).

Also it called by Moreno aesthetic catharsis. It is the aspect of cathartic phenomenon (see catharsis) that occurs in the viewer when it faces the performance on stage, a play, as such will given by an author's argument that only require you an emotional resonance with what it elapses, without actively engage it at any time. This finished creativity of an author product will be called by Moreno retains Cultural. In spontaneous theater and psychodrama passive or aesthetic catharsis is nothing more than one aspect of the cathartic phenomenon (View active catharsis catharsis and integration).

Sociométrica is the configuration shown in the sociometric test as a closed chain of five or more individuals related to each other.

dramatic key is called the signal that can be, within a wide range of possibilities, during a skit and opens doors for investigating the roles and links fired for that particular dramatization. This research will reach the next dramatic sequence in pursuit of a nuclear conflict scene (See troubled nuclear scene) to clarify the meaning of the perceived obscurely signal and transform it into understandable symbol for all group members, including the protagonist and director. This signal can be received in an attitude, a word, in the performance of a contradictory role, the opposition between the expressed verbally and bodily attitude, the exclusion or inclusion of some element in the dramatization, etc. It will be particularly noted by the director but may also do the protagonist or group members.

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