There are three qualities of the TV: atracción, rechazo o indiferencia. (Ver “Social gravitation law” Y “Thirds Act”).

According Moreno is one of the fomas of spontaneity (see spontaneity) and it is directed to the revival of the treasures and preserved cultural and social stereotypes. The dramatic quality of the response, dice Moreno, provides novelty and vivacity to feelings, actions and verbal expressions that do not contain anything new, original or creative. In a skit called dramatic quality to that feature of the action that begins to signal a first gradient in the path of liberation and spontaneity training.

Whenever adult basic anxiety that Moreno called “hambre de transformación”, It is betrayed without being able to be channeled in the direction of freedom, espontaneidad, creativity, responsibility and justice existential project, and whenever, for any omission or any specific act and final, deep draft existence alienates, will burst somehow to blame. When this feeling is accepted as “existential guilt” it will emerge as a genuine feeling that allow the individual to face their own responsibility, to correct the course of the project itself alienated existential. If not the fault will be derived completely out of place and will take the form of inauthentic fault concealer, la form of neurotic guilt; as well as it may also be derived without power protopráctica emotional advenir the possibility of any clear affection and appear dark way a symptom. (The body screams what the mind does not understand).

Anxiety is to have become guilty. Paul Tillich defined it as “the experience of being guilty of any omission or a particular act and defined that expresses the general alienation of our existence; an act or omission by which it is impossible to deny responsibility, despite the target element included in this”. When adult basic anxiety that Moreno called transformation hunger is not channeled in the direction of creative activity breaks guilt. Genuine and authentic form of such emergence is the experience of existential guilt.

It is the unresolved feelings and off-site, somehow trying to cover up the resolute and genuine feeling of existential guilt (View existential guilt) that always lies beneath it. Inauthentic fault is the result, por lo tanto, of true guilt and appears when this has been denied or repressed. Inauthentic guilt can take the form of neurotic guilt (See neurotic guilt) and it can even be denied or repressed and then sooner or later will emerge as a symptom. (See trilogy of guilt).

It is the completive guilt out of place. These feelings usually try to find more or less obscurely out a placating search in child punishment. Thus punishment same functions as benefit turn, although it is always a neurotic pseudo benefit.

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