Training Course. Madrid. 2017


Zerka Moreno Centro de Madrid

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Action and Training Sociodrama +

This initiative is intended to last the application of Sociodrama, I based on the theoretical framework created by J.L.Moreno, psychosocial intervention as a tool that facilitates participatory action of citizens in their development, through:

  • Working groups open to the community ...
  • Career training, from the epistemological principles of the method developed by Moreno…
  • The creation of an area of ​​study and community work in Sociodrama…


Monica Zuretti Zubiría +

Director of psychodrama en 1970 in the Moreno Institute, Beacon N.Y. under the direction of Dr. J.L.Moreno y Zerka T. Moreno. Founder and director of the Center Zerka T. Moreno, It invoked for the first time the term sociopsicodrama to integrate the social dimension, personal and cosmic work.

Ana Maria Merás Book +

Director of Psychodrama and Sociodrama under the direction of Monica Zuretti.

Enrique Stola +

Director of Psychodrama y Socioddrama. Trainer Sociopsicodrama.


Training for: +

Psychodrama professionals with accredited training course or training, who they want to expand their knowledge and training in sociodrama, for use in

  • Community intervention as agents of social change
  • educational intervention as agents of training in values ​​and attitudes change
  • Intervention in organizations and companies as agents for development and conflict resolution in professional teams and task.



Registration and Contact. +

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