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Zerka Moreno center of Lucca

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Monica Zuretti Zubiría +

Psychodrama Director in 1970 at the’ Institute Moreno , Beacon NY under the direction of Dr. JLMoreno and Zerka Moreno T. . Founder and director of the Center Zerka Moreno T. , first invoked the term sociopsicodrama to integrate the social dimension, personal and cosmic .

Luisa Gianni +

Degree in Education Sciences; Diploma in Sociopsicodramma at Centro Zerka Moreno in Buenos Aires, under the direction of Mónica Zuretti.


To meet Jacob Levy Moreno

"A real therapeutic process can not as a final goal unless all mankind . But no appropriate treatment can be prescribed if humanity is not united in some way, and if the organization is still unknown. " (Moreno, Who shall survive?, 1953)
Moreno said that the real purpose of sociopsicodrammatico method is a direct intervention in the community, social matrix being the area where he thought it should work to contribute to the harmonious development of social structures based on creating links for the creative development and therefore social groups and institutions… +


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1 ECT (see conditions)

Escuela Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Group Dynamics Zerka T. Moreno
Institute of Human Relations Vitoria
Training courses since 1988
Training Institute Member Of The Federation European Psychodrama Training Organisations (FEPTO)


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  • Cost: 150 €.
  • Students and unemployed:100€ / See more discounts.

Limited seats. Please confirm attendance.


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    • Data: Spring | 2017 | Check dates.
    • Program: de Saturday 9,00 a 19,00 hours. Sunday de 9,00 a 18,00 hours.

Psychodrama center and Sociodrama Zerka T. Moreno. Via Puccetti, 299 55100 – S. Concordio – Lucca.


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