Training Workshop. Vitoria-Gasteiz. 2017


Zerka Moreno center of Vitoria Gasteiz

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Monica Zuretti Zubiría +

Graded as a psychodrama director en 1970 in the Moreno Institute, Beacon N.Y. under the direction of Dr. J.L.Moreno y Zerka T. Moreno. Director the diversos Symposia, workshops and specialty in more than 15 American countries, Europe and Asia.

Dr. Nicolas and Luis Martinez +

Doctor in Psychology; Specialist in Clinical Psychology; Director of Psychodrama and Sociodrama by Zerka Moreno Center under the direction of Monica Zuretti.


The Meeting of Jacob L. Moreno

"A truly therapeutic process can not as a final goal unless all mankind. But no proper treatment can be prescribed if humanity is not linked in some way and if your organization is still unknown. " (Moreno, Who shall survive?, 1953)
Moreno said the real aim of sociopsicodramático method is direct intervention in the community, social matrix being the area where he thought it should work to help the harmonious development of social structures, based on creating links that allow the creative development of people and hence social groups and institutions… +


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