It is the element (or person) which plays the role seconding or complete the goal of the protagonist, during a particular action.

It is playing the complementary role (Example: glass of water, in a thirsty hero, a father to a son seconding the request for release, before a maternal mandate).

Also called sociometric couple. Sociométrica configuration is highlighted in the sociogram when two members of a group are related but are isolated from the rest of the group co.

It is a technique of dramatic procedures by which the protagonist speaks and acts with another (s) I assistant (es), who in turn follow the indications given by the protagonist or the director.

It is called thus to the set of theories that study and give reason for the group phenomena. Se denominan, en cambio: “técnicas grupales” all the procedures by which it can operate on human groups. the name “group dynamic” It has been provided to the human sciences in general and social psychology in particular, by Kurt Lewin and continue his research line.

J.L.. Moreno called instead “sociometría” this same discipline. The modern conception of anthropology includes linking all these (and many others) contributions as different lessons about a theoretical common confluent. You need to make it clear that not to be confused group dynamics (theory) with the “dynamic development of group phenomena”. these phenomena, for better understanding, can be classified as follows.

I ) Group interaction phenomena.

II) Phenomena of group learning and

III) Phenomena of group production.

This classification can be applied to any group, whatever the objectives that characterize.

Processing phenomena, de insight, comprehension, Integrative catharsis and restructuring, correspond, in therapeutic groups, production phenomena. Having, en este sentido, the same production value as a scientific finding in a research group; or a material prototype in a business group.

Psychodrama director is one of the five instruments used by the psychodrama method.

In a psychodrama group director yoauxiliares together with professional technical team are therapeutic. In this regard they comprise the professional spectrum function therapeutic agent although not deplete (See therapeutic agent).

The word becomes director of psychodrama and in this sense is used by Moreno, of theatrical terminology. However it is important to consider that the theatrical experience in which he was based belongs to the period of antiromanticismo. Just as Antoine and Copeau in France or in Russia Stanivlasky, Moreno man in his stage theater in Vienna, He considered the role of director and orchestrator or a facilitator of the theatrical phenomenon, both in terms of the staging and the task of directing actors. This was a way of reaction to the dictatorial practices of capo comic romantic drama of decadent period.

The word manager must therefore be understood in this sense and not interpreted with the connotation of a strong leadership role.

Psychodrama Some schools prefer to use the word coordinator to underscore its meaning of facilitator of a process.

To be director of psychodrama Moreno involves simultaneously play different roles: the stage manager, the therapist and co-therapist and the sociatra or social analyst.

In exercising the role of sociatra or social analyst will coordinate the group work during the course of the session. It will be constantly attentive to the development of the group and what it can and should produce, facilitating the establishment of sociometric networks, perceiving their modifications and constantly clarificándolas, facilitating the free expression of group roles.

It collects and promote reading pop group that expresses the point of coincidence between the warming group and one or more of its members to crystallize in the emergence of a protagonist.

It permanently contextuará the group taking into account the demarcation between social context, group and dramatic.

All these functions comply with the participation and exchange group.

During the stage of heating will be when this coordinating role will have greater prominence.

In the role of stage director, or dramatic action, You must establish a strong link with its protagonist that allows you, to exercise your TV, the perception of the roles heated and areas of dramatic urgency to select keys correctly (See dramatic key) which will lead to dramatization, to meet the conflicting nuclear scene (See troubled nuclear scene) that promotes the protagonist catharsis integration and group acts of understanding.

The descriptor process requires an attitude of availability, forcing the director to deeply know the dark spots of their perception, their roles in conflict, or underdeveloped, as well as their personal work on them, to implement them positively serving the protagonist and work cleanly aspects transfers that are deposited.

In the direction of a skit or rolplaying (See rolplaying and sociodrama) the principal must change the target address to suit the target group area prominence him out personally to carry exclusively to work on social roles. The above is valid for both roles learning to study how the group as a skit, where the frame and the answer provided by the director depends functioning and relevance of group work.

As Moreno held by any member of a group is a therapeutic agent other, but for the director of psychodrama this fundamental function gives meaning to their work.

Your goal as a therapist will be the growth, development and enrichment of each and every one of the group members.

This therapeutic function, which it is present during all stages of the psychodrama session, acquires prominence in the last, designed to share and to comments, in which the principal must implement everything produced by the group, to take the therapeutic properties, channeling insights and changes in attitude promoted and facilitated by the dramatization, for the elaborative processes are channeled and settle, sense and actually gaining.

The whole operation psychodrama director must be supported by an attitude that Carlos Maria Menegazzo proposed to call idiodramática attitude (See idiodramática attitude).

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