It is a technique that allows dramatic operational address to a patient in the absence. It is useful, por ejemplo, when one member of a family (or other system or affective constellation, It resists the socio-dramatic clinical work).

It is represented by an auxiliary I maintaining a link with the absent habitability and functioning as intermediary, between the patient and the director.

It is a technique that was used by Moreno propunada and from his early research.

dramatic procedure that allows investigate the content and meaning of dreams.

For that, the basic premise is to respect the dream situation, that is not to leave the oneiric context, to find resolution.

El protagonista, Chaldean on stage the situation prior to sleep: prepares the scenery and your bedroom furniture; reminisces whether there was any conversation or situation significantly prior to sleep and then begins to rebuild sleep and play dramatically, to finally find its restructuring in the way of the symbolic resolution. Then each and every one of the dream elements take on a special significance, precisely because of its symbolic character. Working with the protagonist will be scrutinizing the structures and acts of sleep in the dramatization, It is located in as many places and possible roles, to find the right understanding, totalising in one “gestalt”.

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