The individual to the group, from words to action

Dirección del taller: Centro Zerka Moreno

Madrid Training Group
Ana Merás and Roberto Perez


Addressed to people interested in developing an active position in the direction of their lives; to mobilize their personal resources in managing their problems and emotions; to leverage their capabilities and strengths to make changes in your life.

La Self esteem It is a feeling of appreciation and respect for ourselves, result of the way we perceive and define, what we believe and we think of. What you think, believe it, It is a pretext for group meeting, a space to approach our reality from the needs and actions of our inner life center.

This workshop group work is aimed at understanding who we are, a la creative management of our difficulties y a la construction and direction of our life in relation to others. We'll do it through group dynamics and active psychotherapy techniques, methodology of the development of our creative potential and spontaneity.


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Fecha: 2018 | Check dates.
Schedule: Saturdays 10,30 a 14,00 hours.
Lugar: C / Evaristo San Miguel 22, 1ºB | 28008-Madrid.
Metro: Ventura Rodríguez|Spain Square
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