Director and teacher Vitoria, Spain


Doctor in Psychology; Degree in Mental Health and Psychotherapy Techniques; Specialization in Palliative Care Victimology and Criminology; Director of Psychodrama and Sociodrama by Zerka Moreno Center under the direction of Monica Zuretti.


Doctor-Diploma Ph-Psych. Catholic University of S.C. Milan, Italy (8-11-1968/ 11-7-1972); Degree in Philosophy and Psychology, Complutense University of Madrid(16-7-1976 /16-9-1980); Postgraduate Degree in Mental Health, Master, Foundation Deusto,12-3-1992; Postgraduate Certificate of Specialization in Palliative Care,(1994) Univ. Deusto; Victimology and Criminology,(1999) UNIT; Doctor approved by the State Spanish, Ministry of Education and Universities(7-12-1983); Director en Psychodrama, Sociodrama y Role-Playing (1995)

He is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of Deusto and Director of the Center and Institute of Human Relations Vitoria with the School of Psychodrama, Skit and group dynamics Zerka T. Moreno recognized by FEPTO-Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organisations.(2005); Collaborator and supervisor Magazines: Journal of Family Therapy. Madrid, Notebooks crisis, on line. Journal of Psychology of the General Council of the COP; Journal of Psychology, Univ. from Buenos Aires. etc.

He has been Director and Professor, Vitoria School of Social Assistants (1972); Associate Professor Tutor Center UNED. Vitoria-Gasteiz(1975-06); Vice Dean and Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences, Section of Psychology and Pedagogy (3-12-1985-30-9-1994) University of Deusto ; Director and Professor, Department of Psychology(1994-97).University of Deusto; Director and Professor of Psychology Doctoral Program "Health & Family" and Coordinator of Graduate Degrees ( 20-7-1987-2005,06) University of Deusto; Academic Director and Associate Professor of Graduate Master Different, Mental Health and Technical Psychotherapists, Clinical psychology, Analytic Psychotherapy Group and Expert Working Group and Graduate Certificates Specialization in Palliative Care, Sport, Family Therapy and Crisis and Emergency. University of Deusto (1994-2005,06)