The pediatric clinic has demonstrated the ability to telepathically resonator, which belongs to the child about emotional issues of his mother. We know how, both the fetus and the child, certain dysfunctions, diseases or alarms, They may be motivated by anxieties, fears and feelings of guilt, issued by the mother.

Pediatric practice for many years, With this in mind, He has instituted tactics, they tend to repair and contain the anxieties and maternal tribulations.

This receptive capacity of the child has been called by Moreno faculty dubbing and with it, has been adjusted successfully used the technique of double psychodrama.

The term phase, used by Moreno in his theory of roles to differentiate moments of the identity matrix and the family matrix, It seems to denote the impact of the Darwinian hypothesis and some residual permanence of evolutionary biological thinking, conceptually based on rationalism.

this substrate, so powerful in Western scientific thought, deeply he influenced both Freud and the generations that followed. Emerges clearly, por ejemplo, in the work of Melanie Klein.

Although the epistemological jump was decidedly marked during the passage between the second and the third generation of scholars of psychic, Moreno, which it belonged to the third generation, resolutely he focused his scientific thought into what we today call the philosophy of life and neoevolutionism.

The word “phase”, en la teoría de los roles, It should be understood both in the context of causality (entropías) and tissue, also concatenante, de la telefinalidad (tune).

Jacob Levy Moreno in describing techniques Double, Mirror and Reverse Roles, systematizing a five-evolutionary phases, to understand child development for assuming roles:

1) Total phase Undifferentiated.

2) Phase boundary subject to “environmental objects”.

3) phase “self recognition” centered, at the pole of the subject.

4) Recognition phase focused on the pole of the other and the other.

5) Recognition phase focused on the link.

En “Thresholds Identity”, following the line of thought moreniano, Menegazzo proposes to develop this same model, adding child variables read from the experiences of magic, mythical, the ideological and logical (with their interplays) along structuring each personal identity.

The first infant universe called by Moreno “Identity Matrix” It was subdivided, by Moreno himself, in two phases: Total undifferentiated, called synthetic phase, and a second and distinct, Total distinct phase called, Menegazzo scored that magical phase.

In the second universe or “family matrix” two phases are also distinguished: la fase mítica (Ver) y la fase ideológica (Ver).

During the development of these phases existential identity of individual constitutes. To advance them the child is discovering the game twice (Ver), mirror (Ver) and investing with their complementary roles.

This phased development, It involves a first recognition “I protoyo” Y “lo proto noyo”, a “focus on themselves” and a subsequent “focus on other” to recognize and acknowledge the other, what distinguishes the multifaceted possibilities “internally” Y “externals”.

This phase is the second stage of the “matriz familiar”.

In her, the child can start for the first time to critically confront their world.

The world, in the previous phase mythical (Ver fase mítica), I was still subdivided into two categories antinomic: the strange familiar verses, with the axiological system that generated antinomy.

Now at this stage, the child can begin to put in crisis that static and absolute axiología which was itself the previous system. Thus it begins for him a long way to, Finally, in full social matrix, It may lead to a difficult mediation attempt to overcome such contradictions.

From this crisis, It happens only in this ideological phase of the family matrix in the process of identity, the child begins to be able leave those roles set dramatically own games mythical order, relativity rigid guidelines including especially lorded SEBG and exclusion, to overcome taboos and launch new founding acts and new integrations.

Similarly as in the Hellenic world of Homeric he advented prehistory the man to a story by logos, or as in the Hebrew people through the table revealed by the Lord, and carved in stone by Moses from Mount Sinai jump a shame culture to a culture of blame marked, so each child individually occurs. This analogy between the evolution of an entire culture and individual development wants to illustrate the passage of a taboo subject behavior and shame conduct that begin to relate from then on with the guilt and responsibility, como dice Jorge Sauri us (Psychodrama Panorama Psychiatric Ideas. “Psychodrama Institute seminars Buenos Aires 1979).

For this to happen, the mimetic function and must have given rise to a true gestural communication and mythopoeic function should have culminated in the word.

But no word in the sense of mere crease or repeat echoes onomatopoeic, but as real “voice donor sense” with full founding act.

Only then you can stand being face to face with their natural yoauxiliares in the family matrix and start ideologically founded and founding them as people.

Only in this way, the absolute can be put in crisis and being truly be able to launch the recognition of their needs, their emotions and feelings and give them a value “for him”.

From there, in this ideological phase with the emergence of the very values ​​that he called Carlos Cossio “empirical positive values”, being able to fully launch into confrontations.

Those “empirical positive values”, cut now by the power of the logos of emotional amalgam, They may be confronted with “axiológicos current criteria” in the family culture. Of these confrontations crises will tend to change the individual may arise consonances or dissonances and the latter, their autonomy and self-assertion.

Precisely, through the dialectical confrontation of these opposites as thesis and antithesis values ​​and by deuteragónico game and antagonistic behavior that involves, It will create the axiological mediation. The product is a brand new role held and founded a new value. This pure positive value (Carlos Cossio “The egological theory of law”) and its resulting role will govern from there on the link and being and favor since new crises and new arisings constituents.

Every creative act of autonomy and self-affirmation, as well as any decision, They have the support or pivot a pure positive value.

Every creative act is, en sí mismo, overcoming and jump from repression (in the sense of the term psychodrama, which means absence of an axiological thesis) or from a denial (also in the same sense Psychodramatic, axiológica opposite thesis in mere rebellion, which can only lead to a reactive role).

When a positive value is pure originates it has not been a real axiological mediation and therefore there will be no creative act occurred.

Only this true unfolding of being in freedom and spontaneity in the locus of the family matrix can prepare properly for a resolute man and creator advent the third universe that awaits. The universe in which we will have to play their adustez, and that Moreno called Social Matrix. (Ver matriz social).

In this universe the family is a fundamental part. From it each individual will be part of the social atom by which it will be linked to their world. But a being be able to jump with sufficient autonomy and confidence to the social matrix only if from their previous universes evolved in harmony and interaction with their natural yoauxiliares awarded him the ontological confidence to pass this new threshold. When this could not be the individual will be curtailed and their identity will in any aspect truncates. (See ways of being irresueltos).

(See Matrix Total Identity differentiated).

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