This is the first of two phases in which you can divide the family matrix, just beyond the stage of protoyo, own identity matrix (Ver matriz de identidad). The child's view of the environment is still only powerfully influenced by its microcosm.

The link with the world at this locus is characterized by a ratio mode “real” with everything “noyo”.

El niño, perceived in a realistic manner peculiarly, and family things or strange figures. Their relationship with their environment is of type “real” artificialista, finalist, animist and egocentric. The mechanics of all events are offered as intentional.

Every movement is experienced by him as if someone put onside by, with a sense (or purpose) determined (artificialismo). all movement, have a “for what” (finalismo), I disentangle which seek pushed by a “basic anxiety”. This powerful exploratory trend, from astonishment, It develops in this matrix as a hungry child pointing in to everything that is unknown, to transform it into something known to him referred to him, and made his own measure (egocentrism).

The universe of the family matrix, It is an essential feature of animistic type, by the peculiar sense annuity donation, the child grant, in this evolutionary time, all things of his world.

will the emergence of a foundational activity in this locus. A mimetic activity will be added, ahora, development activity mythopoeic.

It is through the dynamic development of these two faculties by which it “internal” y lo “external” little by little they will go resizing and developing constitutively.

From the emergence of activity mythopoeic, the child can begin to put in crisis mode of relationship “real” with “noyo” and in this space is to insert the imaginary.

With its activity the child can mythopoeic, más adelante, befall al “logos”, es decir, take enough distance from things, for founding them with the word, name them in the true sense “This crease means” and no longer as a mere act impetigo. For this to happen, You will have to have arisen from the illusory activity.

When, by the ability mythopoeic, child vigil begins to fill with figures and dreamlike dream, the child enters the path that will allow to establish the boundary between fantasy and reality.

When emerging this mythopoeic activity that works dialectically, regarding mimetic activity, the crisis originates interludes domestication, from where it will be launched to the domain of new games: the emulation, which draws on the roles of natural yoauxiliares.

Repeating their roles taken “family prototypes” It is what strengthens in certain models of behavior.

Mimetic acts of emulation as will familiarizing the gestural physiognomy family code and culture.

The “figuras parentales” They have evolved into this matrix, en “prototypical characters”, proposing a particular body code. Interacting with them will be what leads the child to a kind of gestural communication with your “familiar world” and his “social world” from then on.

It is important to note that, from the emergence of mythopoeic activity and function as a mediator mimetic activity, He begins to be in crisis and decrease in child hunger acts (Ver hambre de actos).

This basic childhood anxiety, characteristic of the first universe will gradually reduced to a residue which remain after processing as hunger (Ver hambre de transformación).

El niño, from the empirical discovery of the role reversal technique, activity in its mythopoeic, It is dedicated increasingly decidedly diving world, where you will encounter different experiences and unique experiences. Its basic anxiety, It is what pushes him to experience symptoms arrojadamente.

Moreno gives this motivating anxiety, the name of cosmic transformation hunger and describes it as a remnant of hunger trend of events, which dominates the former parent. Defined as child residual anxiety republish the entire original identity, it held in the synthetic unity that characterized the first universe, now definitely lost.

You can never go back to that original reinsurer and omnipotent situation, but somehow try to put in place something to replace it.

Pushed, for this anxiety, the child tries all possible explorations with each of their complementary roles. This desire is so strong, that makes tending to become all of these roles.

This powerful set of totalization is put into action in successive sequences of role reversal, with trying to regain that absolute and unique identity, lost from the demarcations.

The cosmic transformation hungry faces the child with its own limits. In this process, will have to discover empirically that, with some aspects of what noyo, It is absolutely impossible to reverse roles. With great mobilization of fear you will discover dramatically, in each such clashes and encounters, limiting their early omnipotence.

After the loss of that omnipotence, transformation hunger will persist as an active and essential residue, for the movement of transformation and creative thirst of every individual.

In the undifferentiated stage of the identity matrix, the yoauxiliares functions were merely immersed in syncretism, and differential phase had emerged as figures.

In this mythical phase of the family matrix, en cambio, they acquire the complex dimensions of characters with heroic features, where their mandates and guidelines are absolute and unquestionable. Intercalation with them will be, por lo tanto, for the child, extremely complex.

The links are instituting, from interactions with antagonists and deuteragonists (natural yoauxiliares) will be here very varied. These links converge diverse and changing roles units, with their counterattacks and complementary roles.

Complementarities and oppositions of the interludes originate an axiological structure, which offers all the features of myth, in which the links and roles work in the domain of static values.

In the first phase of the family matrix, the actividad mimetica, dynamited by the emergence of activity mythopoeic, It allows the child to consolidate and confirm his fledgling Lloica structure, which will continue autoafirmándose then in the second phase of this same matrix (See ideological phase of the family matrix) and then even more in the third world. (Ver matriz social).

See Matrix Total Identity undifferentiated.

Every individual precariously forming during the process of individuation is a prisoner of deep, dark passions.

These Prostatic affections dominate guilt and terror.

When differentiation in the identity matrix (Ver matriz de identidad) It has not been achieved harmonically, They are conditional on certain individual “ways of being panics” that whenever flare emerge in behavior, in the manner of clinical classically figures they were named “psychotic”.

In these figures or ways of being, the horror, por ejemplo, It is the ultimate expression of what Martin called Santos “cosmic fear” (Martin Santos, “Freedom, temporality and transference in the existential psychoanalysis. Barcelona, Seix Barral, 1975), or fear of madness.

The descriptor terror from observations of schizophrenics tables usually manifests as “fear of being swallowed” It is one of the manifestations of such cosmic fear.

From the standpoint of the theory of roles (See Theory roles) hipercaldeamiento this experience means a complete identity matrix undifferentiated (See complete identity matrix undifferentiated) incongruous, living in terror.

In the figures caracteropáticas, Prostatic affections are generally denied and dark. The individual, thus constituting, He has been imprisoned under the scaffolding of a character. This rigid structure has been built identity defensively during the evolutionary process, but finally, sentence that individual to be no more than what is, imprisoned en sus masks.

Barricaded under such character, It is obliged to repeat his dark reactive behaviors dominated by the “hambre de actos” (Ver Hambre de actos) and the urgent need for immediate sedations. Spontaneity and processing capacity here are inhibited.

In severe cases these figures generally psychopathic clinical prostate affects only ones who can reach the individual consciousness and be recognized as feelings epizoóticamente, it is precisely the fear and anger.

In other clinical figures, the irresolution refer to less archaic evolutionary malogros and ways of being panics that arise are less severe.

Each time the mythical ideological phase or phase matrix family hipercaldea (View Family Matrix) fear prevails is the “fear of the other's gaze” and the tragic fear or “fear of death”. These modes of being are called the classical psychiatry “neurotics”.

According to the approach of the Theory of Roles these classifications of clinical figures, although still useful taxonomically, must be overcome.

Psychodrama considers man as a being linked multifaceted in its potential role.

In the evolutionary process, from the theory of roles, with the structuring of a Preyo and prenoyo, the child begins with the first proprioceptive and exteroceptive acts; from there confusingly has the first images of your body and each of the parts of the outer. All this will form what is called physiognomic figures.

In the evolutionary process and the other matrices advanced these figures will physiognomic becoming familiar characters and then in people and issues.

They are called to the set of constitutive parental roles complementary figures by natural yoauxiliares, that the very first children's perceptions do coalesce, in external images, certainly still something evanescent.

When a child during its first months of life, He placed his hand on his mother's face prying with his little arm away from the maternal face and takes perspective to observe, It is making a founding act of perception of its original parental figure.

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