It is the place of maximum tension to the action of shock or for the meeting. It is the point of coincidence for the components of a zone (Ver zona) and are binding core.

That term, coined by Sergio Perazzo, designates the simultaneous activation of more than one focus of the imaginary component of the same movement as transfer. It would be the reason why a psychodrama work, the same starting point transfer, a scene, It can lead to the assembly of different scenes or a scene with several splits at different times.

It is called parental function to the set of roles that I interjuegan auxiliary natural complementarily with the newborn but it, still immersed in the syncretic experience, still does not distinguish. The experience is total syncretism extension, in the open world, the experience of globality and own fusion of intrauterine life and dominates the beginning of the first infant universe.

In this universe the parental role is fused oceánicamente for the child's perception, in the globalizing living unit that includes all.

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