It is the corporeal way of saying. Saying no gesticulation “it means” yet, but merely designates. To achieve the advent of the signifier, gesticulation needs of mimesis. (see mimesis).

Didier Anzieu in his book “The dynamics of small groups” traces the origin of this word in the Italian Nordic dialects. Dialectal terms “group” o “group” resonating with German “krupp”, They are synonymous knot and were used in the painting technique by the Italian plastic schools. The author describes how these designations penetrate the language of photography and, from here, They come to the science of man.

It is World War 1418, with the condition of the troops in the trenches, promoting concern about the phenomenon of human groups and “the moral” thereof.

It is significant that both J.L.. Moreno as K. Lewin have begun their research precisely from this world war.

Today studies continued, the proposal “Sociometría” (Ver) of J.L. Moreno and “group dynamic” (Ver) K. Lewin are basic aspects of Anthropology Link”.

En Psicodrama, as well as any other dramatic procedure, must differentiate the group from the audience (Ver).

group is considered, in general terms, the set of interrelated vincularmente people after the same task. This task, which convenes and wrong, drives in the same group a special structure and a certain type of organization by the appearance of specific roles (See Roles and Theory of Roles). La “group dynamics” He has ranked human groups into two broad categories: I) Espontáneos: (Eh. parejas, familias, bars), II) instrumentals: (Eh. task forces, equipment, institutional groups, therapeutic groups, etc.).

The psychodrama group (which we are talking) is one of the examples of groups referred instrumental.

During the psychodrama task (as well as during any other dramatic procedure) the group is giving rise to their instruments (Ver); the same group the protagonist emerge, los yoauxiliares, the director and the audience, and are also the first four instruments that define the stage to act on it, or I entornarlo.

It is a group technique. It is developed through the establishment of similar groups Psychodramatic, although its aim is not specifically therapeutic.

mainly seeking discharge voltages, the interaction, the communication, linkages and preparation for learning, training or production.

Their goal is the education of spontaneity (see spontaneity) and strengthening tuition link, for creativity (see creativity).

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