So he called Moreno anxiety that characterizes essentially the mode of being childish in the first universe (matriz de identidad).

This is the basic impulse that dominates the first phase of said matrix (total indiferenciada) and prevails in the second (Total differentiated).

El niño, in this matrix, it's all in each of its acts, his being exhausted in each and no part esclusada as possible observer rest (observer role). This anxiety is sedated only by the appropriate complementary act natural yoauxiliar, basis of all psychosomatic structuring role.

Hunger acts starts to get in crisis during the passage from the first to the second phase of the identity matrix but just frankly diminish their dominance in the threshold at which will consolidate the gap between fantasy and reality that marks the beginning of the family matrix.

In this new condition, or universe, the act hunger hunger is mounted on transformation.

Current theoretical developments around the conceptual bases that support psychodrama have made clearly see the coimplication and coexistence of all matrices of evolutionary becoming in the adult human being.

Clinical practice in turn has shown that in certain states of restraint hunger acts in the adult can emerge with full force, in pursuit of significant complementary that suits.

Sometimes this emergency is downright pathological and takes the form of a “acting” irrational, in this case denotes the re-enactment of a footprint of warming that is characteristic of a particular search replace.

On other occasions the pressing force of this anxiety is nothing more than the adult expression of a real need for a psychosomatic role.

So he called the quantum Moreno basic impulse (Ver hambre de actos) que, from the emergence of the gap between fantasy and reality begins at the founding threshold, It is derived in transformation drive, which it is the essence of the creative capacity of man.

“The feeling of paradise lost”, dice Moreno, in the 4th. conference “Bases Group Psychotherapy”, It is transmuted in search of the Promised Land. The desire to republish the experience merge totalization, own the first infant universe, You can only find some way of satisfying adult when Hunger Transformation, along a life, achieves the totalizing vision of a worldview. (See Moreniana worldview and see the concept of “wish” developed by Mandrioni in desired complementary roles).

It has been called thus the therapeutic procedure in which psychodrama combined with hypnosis.

The material obtained in hypnotic exploration work then psychodrama and analytically. For some time it has stopped working with patients in a hypnotic state.

En nuestro medio, Herminio Castellá began years ago, research groups with modern procedures hipnodrama. Carlos Menegazzo and Gabriel followed him Castellá this line search. It works with specially trained in self-hypnosis yoauxiliares. This allows “Bend” the protagonist obtaining materials from their unconscious records.

These scans can not only reach levels biographic (for example the stage of childhood amnesia) also the ancestral clan level, other very deep levels of unconscious primordial, described in the West by Carl Gustav Jung.

The materials thus obtained are subsequently worked by the protagonists with psychodrama and analytical methodology for processing.

In addition to the clinical applicability of these studies, we are investigating, ever deeper, at these levels of paramount, telic specialized researchers systematically forming what we call “deep psychic archeology”.

From the Greek hiccup: below, and cresis: mask; this term than in the negative sense refers to the lie, in a positive sense it refers to the ability to protect under the mask modesty, what should be protected.

This concept of care under the anonymity of the role, the privacy of the person, It is the conceptual foundation that enables dramatic play; respect for “como si” and protection of personal privacy.

All this enables dramatic clarity in the management group and social contact (Ver) with respect to the dramatic context (Ver).

Impeccability that allows respect for “como si” Y “the hipócresis” dramatize allow passions, and this facilitates the art of learning to dramatize life. To achieve this it is necessary to transform passions into feelings, values ​​and concepts, without trampling intimacies.

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