Are the elements that working in Psychodrama, Sociodrama and RPGs. It's five:

1) Protagonist; 2) Audience; 3) Stage; 4) I Assistant; 5) Director. (View respectively).

Intentionality referred to the object was reduced to medieval scholasticism, until the nineteenth century Franz Brentano took the characteristic of psychic phenomena.

Intentionality is what characterize consciousness in its fullest sense, and what authorized to designate, a la vez, the whole stream of experience as a stream of consciousness and as a unit of consciousness.

In phenomenology, intentionality is taken as the fundamental characteristic of consciousness, and as such it has been, in much of contemporary philosophy and especially of phenomenology and existentialism. The concept of transcendence of Heidegger is a generalization of intentionality.

That term, taken from phenomenology and philosophical anthropology, is fundamental pair the theoretical development of dramatic and reflection in Anthropology Link, Theory of roles and Psychodrama.


In Psicodrama each patient may be therapeutic agent of the other. A couple may be another therapeutic agent; a group can act as a therapeutic agent of another group (See therapeutic agent), etc.

It's a tactic psychodrama (See tactic psychodrama). It is generally indicated by the principal and sometimes run directly by the yoauxiliar.

In the latter case the risk of falling production in some coprotagónica (See coprotagónica production) yo assistant, It is very large so it is preferable to reserve implementing this tactic only highly trained professionally yoauxiliares.

It is introduced during the development of dramatization given by slogans so that the protagonist the unknown or not warn.

With these indications are requested to yoauxiliar the surprise change of some characteristic of the complementary role clearly marked. Por ejemplo, suddenly you are asked to introduce a set limit from the role of mother who was playing so condescending and overprotective, or indicated tenderly playing the role of a father who until last dramatic moment had played aggressively, as it had been marked by the protagonist.

Interpolating resistance is therefore, the introduction of a stimulus following a diagnostic hypothesis therapist who seeks to corroborate something that is being perceived. I right then, He is willing to abandon an attempt if you do not get results.

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