psychodrama technique has two objectives: diagnosis and perceptual restructuring. It is essential to operate in any dramatic procedure (psicodrama, sociodrama, juegos del rol) one of the most used. Through her protagonist is playing the complementary role and is awarded to a yoauxiliar the role of this, moving it. It is possible to award the protagonist both roles on, without the intervention of yoauxiliar. By assuming each role alternately, the protagonist is placing in position and the place of the role they need to play. En psicodrama, Investment Role used in the beginning, preparation for the dramatic diagnostic target (understanding of the director), then full, methodological operate on the troubled nuclear scene. (Ver).

Investment Role used as reactualizante technical and reestructurante, chasing the same, goals of “insight” o “comprensión integrative” in the title.

This technique is contraindicated when the protagonist faces against roles that threaten their integrity, como por ejemplo: the horror of the hopelessly insane, impenetrability of psychotic severity, or the coldness of the cadaverous, etc., etc.

It is a spontaneous and creative play technique during the growth process. It is observed in children's games and you can see which way works there as liberating technique socialization. Invest for the child roles with everyone and everything (individuals and objects) in the surrounding world is, at least theoretically, prerequisite to lie in being immersed, in the interconnectedness, to take hold with ontological confidence in the social atom (Ver) or matrix affective community. It is also necessary to be established in being personal project being own existence in the world to own worldview.

Given the systematization of this technique according to the parameters on the evolutionary model of role theory and anthropology link, according to their ways of conceiving the stages of child development in the process of taking behaviors; They can be investigated in adults, different modes arrested knowledge of others, Ghostly projected stereotypes promoted by transferencialmente, that disrupt the ability of perception and hinder the chances of proper recognition of you. The technique of role reversal (View Reversing role, technique:) It can directly operate with these transfers and potencializarlas.

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