The individual to the group, from words to action

Dirección del taller: Centro Zerka Moreno

Madrid Training Group

Ana Merás and Roberto Perez

Addressed to health professionals, education and social work that interested in the psychodramatic method as a powerful tool in coordinating work groups both in the clinic and psychotherapy, in the field of mediation and conflict resolution, in changing attitudes and values ​​education in any situation where the analysis and modification required conflicting roles.

The workshop Introduction to Psychodrama and Sociodrama, presentation is intended as a working model from the basic training program of the Center Zerka Moreno, whose development is from the epistemological principles of the theory developed by its creator, Jacob L. Moreno, on which rests the art.

It will be a day of experiential work, It expected in the commitment and interest of the participants in a human encounter, certainly the shared group work will be revealing to each.

The individual to the group, from words to action… It is a paradigm shift that brings psychodrama psychotherapy, which brings in its essence the role of individuals and groups in their development processes and health; body-psyche commitment from the movement and spontaneous action; the development of human creative potential in healthy adaptive response and growth; psychotherapeutic intervention in the context of human relationships, from the various relational frames where we exist and develop as social beings.


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Fecha: 2018 | Check dates.
Schedule: Saturdays 10,30 a 14,00 hours.
Lugar: C / Evaristo San Miguel 22, 1ºB | 28008-Madrid.
Metro: Ventura Rodríguez|Spain Square
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