Basic training in Sociopsicodrama

The training includes throughout its development, stipulated in three years or levels, participation in four types of training and an evaluation mode in each.

  1. Experiential mode: configured as a meeting place for exploration, knowledge, learning experience and Psychodrama. The meetings are weekly or monthly frequency with a charge time between 8 Y 12 hours.
  2. experiential modality applied: are special workshops and other activities in other schools, centers or associations. Indispensable, to complement and diversify the look in terms of the scope, implications and applications of psychodrama.
  3. Theoretical distance mode: It is a space to complement and support from the theoretical life experiences. For each topic content, a specialist teacher in the subject and additional bibliography required.
  4. Mode virtual integration: It is a virtual space in real time, exchange of experiences where students find different venues with conducting teachers responsible for overseeing scenes and opportunity to clarify doubts.

Is the aim of this training convey a practical theoretical model focused on community action, taking the concepts of dramatic action, role theory, sociometry and the various matrices from where they develop and exercise the roles, according to the theoretical framework started by Jacob Levy Moreno.

  • Development and training role Psychodramatist, as a working tool in coordinating groups, orientation or social promotion, labor or education and training roles.
  • Application of sociopsicodrámatico method for working with roles, interdisciplinary links and community networks.
    The different orientations depend on prior training and scope of each of the participants.

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Training Sociodrama

This initiative is intended to last the development Sociopsicodrama as a tool for psychosocial intervention It facilitates participatory action of citizens in their development and based on the theoretical framework created by J.L.Moreno. The need to train a professional team

  1. Working with community groups open: SMS, Living newspaper, Thematic workshops ...
  2. Training for a stable group of professionals committed to the creation of a meeting, learning and research, from the epistemological principles on which Moreno instrumented therapeutic method and within which is defined Sociopsicodrama, as a tool for change in human communities.
  3. Creating a stable group of professionals, focused on managing a studio space, research and community work through Sociopsicodrama, competent to provide this training.

These three ideas are integrated into a single draft skit that part of the initiative that training group stable, It meets regularly, He works on theoretical aspects independently and through various tools and collaborative group work and participatesctivamente in groups open to the community sociopsicodrama as well as, in the Supervised practice groups sociodrama.

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