Justification Training Program

Psychodrama is a method created by Jacob Levy Moreno in the early twentieth century , before World War II, in Vienna; cradle of huge social movements, art, political and human understanding.

Moreno said that the true sociopsicodramático objective method is direct intervention in the community, social matrix being the area where he thought it should work to help a harmonious development of social structures, based on building links permitting creative development of people and hence social groups and institutions, from the interconnectedness and contact with other significant life of each person.

The method sociopsicodramático starts work on shared aspects of the roles of a group from the different matrices: group, institutional and social. The prospect of each and all of its members is enriched, while it is going deeper into the role proper to each, to return to the social level shared.
the particular aspects that differentiate people are well integrated, enriching their personal perspective and influencing subsequent actions through the interaction of the social matrix with the social environment primarily in developing healthy ties in the community to which they belong or the institution in which they work.

Professional specialization that arises from our training program, part of the belief that the theory and practice of the ideas and actions of Moreno is a good cross and curriculum framework for training of professionals with basic skills that allow them to deal with situations of personal and group change and social and assist in building autonomous communities with harmonic vincularidades.

It is evident the need for training in knowledge and intervention strategies, integrated basic teaching and general training, which together with other aimed at the preparation and studies of second level or graduate should contribute to "the specialization of students in their academic training, professional or research programs which serve the exercise of professional activities ".

In the "Word of the Father", Jacob Levy Moreno tells us that we bear all the experience and the possibilities and this is what it is: de recognize through the social matrix in which we find ourselves, through a specialization in group dynamics sociopsicodramática.

Our main idea is to contribute to the training of professionals in different areas related to health, education and human sciences who wish to work in interdisciplinary teams, from a method contemplates man as a creative and tie and with a technique that acts on its creative potential, while structuring their professionalism is through their roles and linkages through dramatic action.

We believe that this proposal specialization is consistent with the protection of the rights of people with mental illness and the need to train workers interdisciplinary team of mental health in a community orientation.

The possibility of create and create itself and therefore the groups that are formed into a community, health is the core to which the sociopsicodrama gives new impetus, to develop the full potential of spontaneity and creativity.

The sociopsicodrama is known as a group instrument very effectively, which it takes into account both as individual and group development primarily social inclusion of all members of a group ,aiming at the entire community .

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