Aristotle gave this word the strict sense of Impossible, to be contradictory.

From this definition it is given in philosophy this term the meaning of: that which finds no place in the belief system that is being referenced; that which is in contradiction with some of these beliefs.

For existentialism absurdity is the substance of nowhere, not being.

In general the absurd adjective is used, to describe something that is contrary and opposed to reason.

In psychodrama is a type of address called absurd tactics. (View absurd tactics).

Action is understood in general terms, all exercise of power. Action is also called innate sense the effect of any make.

Action psychodrama is called the set of attitudes, movements, gestures and words that actors (protagonist and auxiliary) They put into play in the psychodrama stage for the dramatic interactions.

Thus the action is the implementation of emission processes and concomitant moving at different levels coimplícitamente. It is the set of messages, matching or dissonant with each other, They emitted in different codes during interaction with the manifest to be perceived, but can also be the expression of some meaning consciously or unconsciously controlled not to be revealed. (See dramatic action).

The dramatic action is an essential condition of dramatic representation.

It is understood by dramatic development of the dramatic conflict that is put into action process for a dramatic representation, if there is no dramatic conflict there will never be dramatic action. (See dramatic conflict).

The dramatic action is the same and process development containing conflicting opposite, dramatic action being a totality of conflicting opposites that are part.

The dramatic action is a true and typical dialectical process in the sense that, in deployment, every moment always refers to a previous step, and is gravid rear, which he tends and leads.

The dramatic action, as becoming, It is itself, the continent synthesis of all steps of the dramatic conflict and the sum of all opposing units in it are developed. It is also the same chain of those opposing units.

The dramatic action, it is a force that comes from a point and goes to another over representation, its essence can not be grasped in an instant but only when it has fulfilled all of its deployment.

The route is divided into small units of action each of which is called dramatic unity. (See dramatic unity).

A term coined by Sergio Perazzo to designate the time of dramatization in which an imaginary role preserved (see cultural conserve) it becomes spontaneous and creative role psychodrama, paving the way for the catharsis of integration. The term remedial action defines a different phenomenon the term psychodrama repair, psychoanalytical and introduced by Melanie Klein and very precise configuration. At the same time, the term psychodrama catharsis of integration can only be defined within an evolutionary process, and therefore, It can not be promptly applied to a specific time of a dramatization.

Neologism used by Moreno who, other times with the same sense, Actismo uses the word to distinguish their proposals in the reference frames Reflexología, Behaviorism, the Gestalt psychology and psychoanalysis.

The two terms are intended to identify and denote a significant synthesis.

Encompass all methods of action, action techniques and research on the action of Psychodrama, the Sociodrama and Role Planning. Everything that develops, does it move, gestures, figure appears and becomes confluent with the object of the creative act is synthesized with the word shareholder.

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