The event precedes the word and includes it, dice Moreno, and this phrase, rescues the therapeutic power of mimesis.

Psychodrama is called founding act the emergence of all role, by the very fact emerge, cover the individual into a new way of being and linked.

This concept applies both to the act that takes place during the biographic evolutionary unfolding as that happens during the therapeutic process.

Moreno uses this term to define the irrational act of life itself.

Moreno distinguishes between: 1) the actingout or irrational acting out and 2) actingin.

At first it defined as “the irrational act of life itself”.

According to Moreno this type of action, It is characterized by its absolute irrationality, peremptorily dominated by impulsivity, so it lacks any of the gradients that are characteristic of spontaneity (see spontaneity), He also lack, both dramatic quality, as originality, creativity and ownership. This kind of irrational action is then the peculiar action, which it is given always out of date situational context in which it is happening. (see contexts).

Every time we meet Irrational actingout against an individual, the resurgence of a stereotyped role. A role that tries to republish, with their actions, an old situation, own in another context. That role or set of roles that emerge, they always do from a peculiar way of warming. What is republished, in each performance, from that warming will be the reiteration, often obscure and difficult to elucidate, a proper role of an inadequate parent, different from the matrix in which “now here” It has been put into play (see matrices). To complete the reading of this type of action, from the perspective Moreniana, It must also be seen lounging about their concepts of Tele and Transfer (See Tele and Transfer).

The Irrational actingout is a trigger that moves, Total and only, in the communication structure of the transfer.

A performance, well understood, You can emerge not only in the social context of life itself, but also in the therapeutic context group, with the same characteristics. When this happens, if you do not operate from there, methodologically, reiterative trend will continue its unswerving.

Any “irrational actingout”, “for if”, It can be capitalized, or as learning, or as experience. and it is maintained as a simple recurrence remains constant trend irrational act and will be repeated each time the heating process from repeating the same type of stimulation (View pathology warming) the same thing happens in the model proposed by Zerka Moreno footprint and the wheel on the road bogged down; The faster and power is rotate the wheel, more will sink into the track and the groove will deepen.

The actingout can be transformed into actingin (dramatic performance) when it brought to the dramatic context and framed there.

Psychodrama thus offers the possibility of transforming the actingout in actingin (dramatization).

Moreno defines as controlled actingin and therapeutic action and used these expressions as synonyms of psychodrama dramatization. Performance, in this second sense, it is then for Moreno synonymous dramatization.

The dramatization is controlled and Therapy in Psychodrama seeks catharsis and liberating spontaneity training.

philosophical doctrine that affirms the active character of all reality, and especially of human. The reality is seen as constant activity. The metaphysical actualism, por lo tanto, from these principles it makes reality a continuous flow.

These doctrines have their origins in Heraclitus; in this line is also the Gentile doctrine that derives from German idealism and argues that the self is activated, it creates itself and builds the absolute.

All actualist doctrines are forms of idealism and more precisely the romantic idealism. Eutten, Blondel, Nietzsche and Pragmatism, They can be defined within this current.

In all these lines can be found a common denominator: considering that the ultimate truth can be achieved only through fundamental and action and never only through intelligence.

These currents of thought were present in Vienna at the time of formation of Moreno. Some of them weigh it fundamentally, especially as the veins of British empiricism and German romanticism, They are representing the two active strands of European thought of his time.

A phrase “in the beginning was the act” Goethe had put into the mouth of Faust and the actualism used as its principle, he said Moreno “in the pricipio was the meeting”. While this statement shows the influence of Hasidism and Buber (Filósofo Modearno del Jasidismo) also denotes that it is deeply impregnated by the doctrinaire ideas actualism.

Moreno movement means acting temperature control (see temperature control) in search of an emotional state, es decir: tempered for spontaneity.

Psychodrama act is as dramatic action, that makes the protagonist in psychodrama stage to play their own roles and complementary, in order to achieve the maximum expression of spontaneity possible.

To develop this dramatic action must continually worked on the process of tempering in which an action will be warming (see warming) from which it will happen.

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