Action is an appropriate response to a particular situation (see location).

This category of behavior in Psychodrama is related to the concepts of freedom, spontaneity and creativity worked by Moreno.

The adequacy of the dramatic response is one of the essential characteristics and one of the forms of spontaneity (see spontaneity).

The term adequacy has morenianas descriptions in clearly axiological sense and is used by him expressly in the sense of the rightness of posts intrinsically values ​​at stake in the action itself. Never, as sometimes he wanted to be understood, in the sense of accommodating the “status quo”.

The adequacy of the dramatic response is characteristic of the action resulting only from a spontaneous attitude of the individual. This quality is achieved by a peculiar mobility and flexibility of the protagonist once cleaned its fixity to old ways of behavior.

This feature or category of conduct is indispensable to all be, that as man, It develops rapidly. The ever-changing environment, He never proposed, when previously and therefore always it will be demanding a new way of adaptation.

Psychodrama coordinator or director is not the only agent of the therapeutic process. Each group member can be at certain times. During a session every time someone unfolds on stage personal scenes and works as protagonists to restructure their own myths is assuming the role of therapeutic agent, first, to himself and secondly to others, located in the soundboard. The psychodrama yoauxiliar also plays an important role as a processing agent in the therapeutic process. This function achieves high levels of adequacy when the role is assumed by professionals trained specifically for the task psychodrama but also often achieved great efficiency with the work I auxiliary spontaneous, (See I assistant) chosen by the protagonist in his own bandmates. It is important to note that each member from the soundboard, at the time of sharing, in the comments or at the stage of warming, You can assume with respect to another group member's role therapeutic agent. Any individual or several at a time or the whole group atom can therefore assume this role at any time. The technical and instrumental role of director of psychodrama is assumed more the more you adapt point from it to perform the function of an effective facilitator of the process launched. A good director must fulfill its task primarily as a good orchestrator of all stakeholders that the process itself is constantly launching. This operational multiplicity is one of the essential characteristics of the method. The coterapéutica wealth we are stressing is something that emerges from the work mode own psychodrama.

Dalmiro Bustos reformulate the concept of Group follows: the roles are grouped according to their dynamics, configuring clusters or grouping of roles. Maternal complementary prime, responsible for functions dependence and incorporation; the second depends on the paternal complementary role, generating the matrix of the active roles. Both have a first single complementary role: mother and father or adults who play these roles. Although there are other significant adults in the social atom creature, these roles are essential, and any situation created by another adult in the social atom, It is experienced as coming from them. These two primary roles are asymmetric in nature. Symmetry appears later, when parity is presented in the form of siblings or playmates. Although the child has brothers from the beginning of his life, no discrimination ability of their presence. This differential interaction of the other two, determines the appearance of a third cluster, which will determine the parity. With the emergence of the third type of dynamic has been finally set the basic outline of roles: passive, active and interactive. The three dynamics are alternative possibilities in the performance of all roles. In training therapists development of the three possibilities it is essential. The essential function, especially when a patient is vulnerable, reopening deep wounds, function is “holding”, or breast. Affectively hold until the pain dims. Secondly, the active function is, support the claim, operational, father. Third is the time when the therapist accepts fraternal parity, the share of equals. Three dynamics are needed at different times of therapy. One of the experiences necessary for the formation of psychotherapist, It is the development of their capabilities and conflicts for the performance of the three dynamics. Grouping roles theme (cluster) overhauled by Dalmiro Bustos has proved a point of contact extremely interesting to promote a fertile dialogue codisciplinario, psychodramatists between different reflective lines, whenever we start from the basis that we share a background moreniano. It's possible, perhaps, be psychodramatists if you have some background moreniano ?. Psychodramatists with Jungian training found in this area, so characteristic of the theory of roles and (at the same time) so close to modern developments in the theory of object relations, a remarkable analogy with the concept originally worked by Carl Gustav Jung complex (prior to its separation from Sigmund. Freud). Psychoanalysis remained the conceptual development of this term in their reflective lines, then giving (by the way) very different theoretical directions. In the work of Melanie. Klein is where most noticeable (despite the distances), the influence of Jungian imprint. (Aldo Carotenuto: “Jung and the twentieth-century culture” Ed. Bompiani, Milano, 1995, Pag.141161). The idea is now an angular complex topic in analytical psychology and psychotherapy analytic and synthetic is also intrinsically linked, the concept of archetype, another fundamental idea in Jungian thought. Here's something very interesting, to promote dialogue points enriching psychodramatists lines between different reflective; whenever we are ready to listen.

Term used by J.L.. Moreno to designate an individual who after a sociometric test performed within a group, institution, group, etc., based on a predetermined criterion, you get no choice either in a positive sense or negativo.¡Un individual may be isolated or not at the discretion of sociometric test chosen. By extension we can consider one link isolated (View couple isolated) sociométrica of a therapeutic group for its peculiar position, it is at any given time the group process, without any, or just a very weak relationship with the other members of the same group.

One of the features of the first infant universe that Moreno called Identity Matrix infantile amnesia is that the child has of what happened to him in it. Biographical memories of an individual generally start at three years of life. When there is some exceptionally earliest memory this appears as the temper of spirit in which it was recorded but the action itself and the characters they played in it are very blurry. Moreno argues that this amnesia can not be explained only by the fact that the cerebrum develops in every individual after the palioencéfalo and neither can be explained from the process of myelination. Infantile amnesia encompasses evolutionary processes in which the cerebral cortex and the child has achieved remarkable levels of development and also occurs if you consider the process of myelination. Moreno considers itself the explanation of this phenomenon from psychoanalytic theory and the study of unconscious mechanisms, and repression, do not exhaust the understanding of the phenomenon of childhood amnesia. Moreno brings to this issue a read view from the theory of roles. According to this theory, and the first phase in the identity matrix, he called Total undifferentiated, the initial syncretism excludes any possibility of an observer role in the child work as a record post, Also still in the total phase differentiated the child tends to run in each of his actions. The observer role will be a role in the emergence late infantile ego (See I observer).

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