It is the place and time framed by the group context in which interactions occur between the various components of the group. With them they come into play certain social roles and their complementary. The deuteragonismos and antagonisms made by the group on the level of members of a micro society gathered for this purpose, coimplican also always the implementation of other roles such as psychosomatic and relatives that form and integrate, in each of the participants, the basic substrate or scrim of each social role.

Therefore every action, what happens to manifest social level is permeated here and now in addition to other roles relating to other events that permeating the here and now ghostly group, by rule of transfer phenomena. Working with these dramatic scenes or figures call “Conflicting nuclear scenes”, which can be done in the here and now of the dramatic performance on stage, can make the process of constant perceptual restructuring in the here and now group.

(see Stage)

For some authors temperature control is synonymous with Heating (Ver), for others this term is used in the sense of letting it hipercaldeado; decrease the voltage of the role, to investigate dramatically more accurately, with operating profit.

psychodrama technique that offers the hero the possibility of transposing scenically time limits. Por ejemplo: from a scene from the past you are urged to speak to an audience of another era, as in the present or in the future; from a scene that explores the present or the immediate past he is urged to speak with deuteragónicos characters or opposing the distant past.

This technique is very useful in Psychodrama at certain times of psychodrama program, especially when you are working in an attempt to modify a personal myth newly surfacing in a troubled nuclear scene (See troubled nuclear scene) the protagonist, aiming for this for the different aspects of catharsis integration (Ver catarsis de integración).

The original culture atom belongs to the family matrix (Ver matriz familiar). We call it original because from it are inscribed the behavior patterns of individual personality and that is where the original roles are structured: hijomadrepadre.

These roles are developed from two irreplaceable elements: basic attitudes acquired during development of primitive culture atom (See primeval atom Cultural) and the structure of the real social atom (See real social atom) formed by the family, especially father and mother.

The concept of zone, physical link in the identity matrix moves to relationships and bonding in the family matrix. The basic attitudes acquired in the identity matrix allow the correct assumption of new roles to develop in the family matrix continent.

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