On the 1° Anniversary of the foundation of Moreno Museum Association, with permission and support of Bad Vöslau’s Municipality we are glad to share with you our invitation to an encounter

Moreno Museum; Saturday 9th May 2015 Einladung zu einer Begegnung

Saturday 9th May from 14:30 to 17:30 at the City Hall

A meeting with Dr. Jakob Levy Moreno, the Wunderdoktor of Bad Vöslau and the Doctor of Kammgarnfabrik during 1918-1925’s, author, in the same years, of poetic work “The Words of the Father” and creator of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychoterapy.
Some scholars will participate at the meeting; they come from Argentina, Austria, Canada, Germany, Italy and Spain.
Seminares and workshop’s activity will be carried out, according to the time table:

14:30 Open works: Mayor Ing. C. Prinz – President MM Dr. Marco Greco
14:45 Introduction to Moreno’s figure and work: by Prof. René Marineau (Univ. of Quebec) and Prof. Monica Zuretti (Univ. of Buenos Aires)
15:15 Opening Plenary: led by René Marineau – Monica Zuretti
15:45 Workshop “Psychodrama in the World and for the World”: led by Monica Zuretti along the psychodramatists of Zerka Moreno Centre (Argentina – Spain – Italy)
17:15 Closing and Farewell: led by René Marineau – Monica Zuretti

All activities are entirely free and open to the general public

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